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Q. What is a Cross Connection?

A. A cross connection is any actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any source of pollution or contamination.

Q. What is a Backflow Preventer?

A. A Backflow Preventer is a device or a method which prevents backflow.

Q. Why do I need backflow protection for my trap seal primer supply now? I have never had backflow protection on my trap seal primer.

A. Plumbing codes stipulate that cross connections require suitable/approved backflow protection for your protection. Keeping your potable water system safe is paramount. Above and beyond complying with plumbing code, you will be glad it was there if you need it.

For example: We have insurance for our cars and drive wearing our seatbelts. Mountain climbers would not go climbing without safety harnesses, just as boaters would not go boating without life jackets. These are all things we hope we will never need; but if we did need them, we would be very glad to have them. In the same way, a backflow event can occur when you least expect it and having a Trap Gap™ in place, will protect your potable water system from possible contamination.

Q. What are some building codes I can reference about backflow protection?

A. Ontario Building Code Sentence (1) requires: "Every potable water system that supplies a fixture or tank that is not subject to pressures above atmospheric SHALL be protected against back siphonage by a backflow preventer."

Ontario Building Code Sentence7.6.2.3.(1) requires: "...where a backflow preventer is required by this subsection, the backflow preventer SHALL be selected, installed and tested in conformance with CSA B64.10, "Selection and Installation of Backflow Preventers".

The CSA B64.10 classifies Trap Seal Primers as "Severe Hazards". The CSA B64.10 tells us that the ONLY suitable means of backflow protection for this degree of hazard is an RP backflow preventer, Pressure Vacuum Breaker or an Air Gap.

Q. What is Backflow?

A. The flowing back or reversal of the normal direction of flow is considered Backflow.

Q. What is an Air Gap?

A. An Air Gap is the unobstructed vertical distance through air between the lowest point of the water supply outlet and the flood level rim of the fixture or device into which the outlet discharges. By code, the minimum Air Gap is 1”. An unobstructed Air Gap is the best way to prevent backflow.

Q. Why should I be concerned about having a Trap Gap™ installed on trap seal primer supply line?

A. It was once thought that asbestos pipe was a good thing for use in plumbing systems… As it turns out, it is not a good thing. Change happens. It was once thought that lead used in plumbing systems was not a problem. As it turns out, it is a problem. Change happens. It was once thought that making a direct connection between a potable water system and a sanitary sewer system is no big deal. As it turns out, it is a big deal. Change happens.